Fron an email exchange with Bob Pease, in his own words.

From: "Robert A. Pease" 

To: "Bo Lojek" 

Subject: Re: Philbrick  


Bo Lojek wrote:  Inquiring about the Philbrick 6104:   And RAP is  hereby replying: 

OK, I found the Philbrick 6104  Data  Sheet,  and  I should be  able to scan it  and send it out in a day or  so.


To make a 6104:   take a K2-P  and delete  the normal 22M and  1 UF filter at the output.   Just connect the output  chopper pin to the output pin of the 6104 through a shielded wire.  You can add your own 22 M and  1 UF,  externally, if you want.  Refer  to the scanned  datasheet.


OR  you could put a neon lamp there as an alarm/ flag.   About  50 mV (ac or DC) on the summing point  will light the neon.  (This application is NOT mentioned on the 6104 data sheet.)  However,  a K2-W swinging at  a mere  + or  - 0.15  volts/usec  will have  +/- 50 mV ac at its summing point, so this is not necessarily a serious  error  condition.

In all my years at Philbrick, I never heard  anybody ask for that function, or ask ABOUT it.  So it must have been fairly RARE and  OBSCURE.   But if anybody wanted to buy 100, I am sure  we  would have humored him....

Hey, Dan, did you  ever get involved with people  wishing  for  a 6104  version of the K2-P?   /  Best  regards. / rap

P.S.  I did find an old  1961-era K2-P Datasheet that  said the power requirements on 6.3 Vac were 0.45 mA.  No, not really.  The chopper 

drew 0.45A.   Ha.  / rap