Dan Sheingold, Editor of The Lightning Empiricist (1957-1966) and the

Philbrick Applications Manual for Computing Amplifiers for Modeling,

Measuring, Manipulating and Much Else (1966), IEEE Fellow (1990) and

"the creative force behind many Analog Devices applications

publications." These include editor of  Analog Dialogue magazine (1969

to present) and handbooks on A-D conversion (1972 and 1986), transducer

interfacing (1980), nonlinear circuits (1974), and editing of Richard

Higgins's Digital Signal Processing in VLSI (1990).


A search for "Sheingold " at the Analog Devices web site will return over 100 document references.

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The editorial page from Analog Dialogue Vol. 26 No.1 (1992) p. 2. where Dan Sheingold commented on the final demise of the last remnants of GAP/R (from the Analog Dialogue Archives). 

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