This separate page for EECO was suggested by Mike DeLosier and created on 6-8-2016

Z tube modules from Engineered Electronics Company  Several schematics that came with a lot of modules in original shipping container 6 gif 1.3MB (added 12-14-5)

EECO 1956 Catalog No 856-P ocr.pdf The full catalog with 74 pages for the Z-series logic tube modules. Scanned and contributed by Mike DeLosier 6-8-2016.

Engineered Electronics Co, EECO Y-Series Plug-In Cards and Rack. Photos contributed by Mike DeLosier 6-8-2016

YouTube video. Engineered Electronics Co, EECO Germanium Transistor T-series Breadboard System Z-97597A  contributed by Mike DeLosier 6-8-2016.

Engineered Electronics Company - EECO 1960 catalog of digital modules One zipped file with 112 scans 32.3MB. Some are made with tubes and some with transistors. The tube modules had one or two amplifying elements that would make up a gate, or flip-flop. There were some linear amp modules in the mix too. The tube modules cost between $8 and $30. The transistor modules offered similar functionality at comparable speeds btween 100kc and 300kc (the kHz not invented yet), but grealy reduced power, and cost between $20 and $60.  Interest in the modules and scans contributed by Bill Courtright (added 2-9-2).  EECO_1960.pdf 30.2MB with OCR text (added 1-9-2011)

EECO catalog 856-B 1959. 5 Sample pages from ebay auction. (added 8-3-2015)

Full T-113 catalog for early solid state logic modules from Engineered Electronics Company - EECO. December 1963. 1 zipped file with 94 gif scans 18.8MB (added 3-12-7).