Jim Williams Staff Scientist at Linear Technology.

Jim passed away suddenly at a very young 63 years of age on June 12th 2011. Jim left us a treasure trove of writings on the Art of Analog Circuit Design.  Jim's talents reached into wider areas of creativity. He enjoyed building sculptures which also functioned as fine instruments measuring temperature, pressure or other physical quantities. Jim's intellect stretched equally into a very fine appreciation of the works of others and into his own sophisticated creations. He wrote on technical matters beautifully, and he also loved reading fine prose. He credits Dan Sheingold and the writings of George Philbrick as very important early influences.

Jim's office reflects his eclectic mind: Jim's_world.pdf

Jim gave the first major contribution of Philbrick materials to this archive.

Kent Lundberg has a blog exploring Jim's application notes. Kent is also working on a formal bibliography of Jim's works.

Jim, you will be missed for that so very wide footprint you left in the Analog circuit field, and in our imaginations.