Philbrick Alumni reunion photos from April 2007 in Massachusetts. These photos were taken and edited into the attached page by alumnus Edward Maddox.

More photos contributed by alumnus Alan Risley 1 zip file with 51 photos 4.8MB (added 8-5-7)

Philbrick alumnus Mike Sumner has contributed this list of names from his recollection, as he was getting ready for a Philbrick Alumni reunion in Massachusetts on April 28th 2007. The file format is Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.


This list has been updated by Stu Brennan on 8-22-8:


 Alan Risley is keeping the master data base for Philbrick and the reunions. Please update him with your info or any "can't find" people. He needs: maiden name at Philbrick and married name, phones, addresses, emails,etc. Please send to



Alan Risley

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Thank You


The following list was graciously furnished by Philbrick alumnus Alan Risley. who used this list to set up reunions. While the focus of this web site is on the engineering and technological side, there is plenty of room to acknowledge every one's contribution. Joe Sousa-Webmaster.

PHILB.doc in Word format (updated 12-31-9)

PHILB.LST in plain ASCII text (updated 12-31-9)

2010-10-10-Philbrick Total.xls in Excell spreadsheet format (uploaded 10-13-10)